Friday, 24 December 2010

Celebrating the Saviour and the supporting staff

Yes we do have the saviour and we must celebrate his life. But the people God chose to collaborate with are very interesting people. I don’t think we celebrate them very much as we should. I think the wise men (Magi, Joseph and Mary are very amazing people.

I wonder why God did not break the news of Christ’s birth to the political leaders or even the religious leaders. They must have forgotten those prophesies- they did not see it coming at all.

Why the Magi or the wise men?
Until they received the visit from heaven the shepherds were nobodies. Notice the haste and the manner they went to visit the new born king Jesus. “…for we have seen his star in the East and have come to worship Him.” They made a long journey to go and worship the Lord. It’s also interesting that after seeing Jesus they did not keep it to themselves. They went and spread the news. Imagine if all those who have come to know Jesus decide to spread the news about Him? They also refused to fall for the treachery of King Herod.

Mary- the favoured one.
She could have replied I think you have come to the wrong Mary. There is another Mary on the next street when it was said to her that she is to give birth to the Lord. And what should I say to Joseph? She finally responded Lord let it be to your servant. She conceived by faith before conceiving in the womb. When God speaks there is no what if or buts. If you feel like nobody, Mary’s life tells that no one is unimportant to God. No matter your village, or upbringing God can reach you.

Joseph- the role model for the 21st century fathers.
How does it feel being told that the lady you have engaged is pregnant with another man, oh no the Holy Spirit? The manner in which Joseph handled this issue is of great relevance. Many of us would hit the roof. A very adventurous man- with only the words of Mary and the words in a dream to guide him, he took Mary as his wife. He puts his own wellbeing on the line for the sake of the wife and the child. Mary was down already and he needs not to stomp on her. There is great lesson in what Joseph did. When faced with a moral problem; reflect deeply as long as it takes, ask what the word of God says about this situation, act with compassion, be adventurous with God, and listen to God in whatever medium he chooses to speak to you.