Thursday, 20 January 2011

Follow and share in Christ’s Ministry

A lady at work was talking to me about her Christian life and how she enjoys going to church. When I asked what she does at church she replied what do you mean? I explained what I meant which is how has her personal relationship with Christ and her long presence at church impacted on others. In other words, how has her Christianity contributed to the society?

I asked her to state the powerful words Jesus said to the first disciples when walking by the Sea of Galilee. She quoted quite clearly, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19. I pointed out to her that we are not just to follow, but to perform certain tasks. As the conversation progressed, my lady colleague realised that in fact she hasn’t given much thought to her role in the church in particular and the society at large.

That is the situation most of us find ourselves. We have passed the first hurdle i.e. decided to follow Christ, but struggle with the second hurdle, i.e. to play our role in Christ’s ministry. Many are only happy with just turning up for one or two hours of worship Sunday after Sunday. We can’t all be observers. We have to take certain roles in the church. I am not suggesting that any Christian who only turns up for Sunday worship without playing any role in the church will not inherit the Kingdom of God. My point is I believe when we become Christians Christ enables us to do much more. That is the case with several people who came to know and accept Jesus. As we come to know Christ, we are enabled to do much more. The problem is that we are either haven’t identified the gifts given to us or we think we are busy with our own life.

Think about this! Peter and Andrew could have had a perfect excuse for not joining Jesus in his ministry. Jesus actually met them at work; they were busy mending their nets when Jesus saw them. They could have said to him, look young man, as you can see we are very busy. Almost all the people Jesus called as disciples were busily working. Therefore, our work is not a good excuse for not sharing in Christ ministry.

Despite our busy life there are bits and pieces that we could all do to help the ministry. Not all of us are called to be “fishers of men.” Christ is still walking by the road or street near you calling on people not only to follow but to help in his ministry. Your calling might be; to sing praises to God, to help the Sunday school, organise the youth, help the men or women ministry, become a prayer warrior, or to clean the church. Nothing is too big or small.

As we begin to manage small things soon bigger things will be given to us to manage. We will not only be playing a role in the church but in towns and cities, and nations. That is the story of David. He was just a shepherd caring for animals but later became a King. Don’t just become a follower. Be a partner in Christ’s ministry.