Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What 21st Century Jesus Christ Would Do

If Jesus Christ was on earth today with us I believe He would do all of the following:

  1. Service will still be His mantra. He would serve, serve and serve. The "I have come to serve" (Matthew 20:28) wouldn't change to I have served you enough and now is the time for you to serve me. And He would serve all not just a few.
  2. He would welcome all. Jesus Christ would still welcome all no matter their background, status, age or colour. 
  3. He would have relationships. Christ would develop relationships thereby sharing peoples thoughts and feelings. When the doors of the church are closed Christ would still be reaching out to people at all places.
  4. He would seek holistic being. His events/programmes wouldn't be confined to the spiritual life. Christ would care about the social, economic and political well-being of a person. He would therefore have events/programmes aimed at uplifting the total well-being of a person.
  5. Christ would be innovative. He would dismiss "this is the way we have always done it" notion. The fact that He once drove on a camel doesn't means He would always do that. If convenient and efficient means of doing things become available, He would adopt them.  
  6. Christ would still evangelize. I don't mean encouraging those already in a church to move to another church.
  7. Christ would be a firm disciplinary. He would ensure the right thing is done and would crack the whip if need be. 
  8. Jesus would commute. He would travel to where the people are not sit in His comfortable office and expect people to come to him.
  9. Christ would build a team.  He would always make sure He equips people who will take over when He isn't around. 
  10. Christ will embrace the social media. Jesus wouldn't be flying frequently from Argentina to Zimbabwe when He knows He could do a live broadcast, or record and upload on you tube. He once boarded a boat so that many people could hear Him. He would take every opportunity that would enable Him to reach out to many people. He would know He can't speak to everyone before or after church so at home or on the move, He would engage people on the social media; blogging His last sermon,  checking peoples status on facebook and make comments, tweeting up-coming events and sharing useful links.
Are you a church, ministry, or fellowship leader? If Christ would do all of the above why ain't you doing them?