Thursday, 28 July 2011

Have you met him yet?

The other day out of the blue I asked a lady at work the above question which sent her in a state of confusion. Are you talking about our new boss? No! Mr. Right? No. My boyfriend’s dad? No! I allowed her to make few more guesses but she was still not getting my point. Are these the only important people in your life? I encouraged her to think about other important people other than her boss, Mr. Right or Mr. Right’s dad. She still didn’t have a clue. Who are you talking about then? She asked.

I am talking about the young man born to the peasant woman in Bethlehem. His name is Jesus. Oh that one, my colleague said. Yes that one. We spent some minutes talking about him, Jesus. His first job was in Carpentry. He switched to Preaching when he was 30. Though never had any formal education, his preaching was inspiring, challenging and powerful.

He never had any gadget like a mobile phone or a computer. Though he never sent any text message; befriend any one on facebook, had a website, wrote a blog, followed any one or any one followed him on twitter, his message and teachings spread across the globe. He was doing several works at the same time; healing, teaching, preaching, pastoring, counselling. He loved his work so much. He never took a day off from work, not even on the Sabbath.

His own people did not like him. But he gave many the rights to become children of God. He is very good at knocking and mending peoples’ heart. He works 24/7. As you read this he is knocking and mending people’s heart. You can let him in now. Don’t worry if you’re not ready. He can come again another time. But don’t leave it for too long for you never know.

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