Sunday, 1 January 2012

Don’t wait too long to invite them back

   Some came from far away towns and cities. Others came from very close by towns. Some were families and relatives.  Others were friends and colleagues. Some were excellent guests and we enjoyed their presence.  Others were horrible and we’ve already decided never to have them in our homes again. I am talking about the guests we had for the Christmas.

   Apart from the personal invite the church also invited some personalities and neighbours to special church activities such as nativity play and carol service during the festive period. Many would have had excellent feedback. The question is how do we move on from here? Are we going to wait till another Christmas before we extend another invitation?

   Obviously, some relationships were cemented and new ones created. Many will nurture such relationships through the social media-facebook, twitter etc. But there’s nothing wrong with extending such social encounter to spiritual encounter. So instead of waiting till another Christmas why not invite them to church services and activities.

   Perhaps the events of the festivities might have left some people bruised and needing healing and therapy. Chances are that some would now consider faith in God, marriage counseling, debt counseling, healthy lifestyle, overcoming loneliness etc. I believe the church has the capacity to deal with such issues. The longer you wait the difficulty it becomes to invite them. There can’t be perfect time than now.  Let’s start inviting them back. 

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