Saturday, 3 July 2010

Try something new today

According to the Chief Executive of Sainsbury's, Justine King, "Try something new today" campaign was developed after research showed that customers wanted supermarket to help them with simple but effective recipe ideas.
I observe similar phenomenon in the church, most notably in the traditional churches. There is a research which suggest that most people are becoming more spiritual, but don’t think the church in its current state is the engine of fulfilling their spirituality. Many people have not only moved out of church, but from a theological roof altogether. Some in the church believe there will be a time when we shall see mass return of the "prodigals". Certainly not if we continue to do church the way we do.
We live in an age when more people are connecting with people through the use of youtube, facebook, twitter etc.. The church must surely have a rethink of its mission methods, structures and rules. We have to move away from church being a building where people go once or twice a week. We must look for new ways of translating God's message in this rapid changing society if we want the church to continue to make impact in generations to come. The "one size must fit all" approach is not helping. So come on, try something new today.

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