Saturday, 24 July 2010

Why Fishermen?

One could understand why Jesus did not choose the Pharisees as his disciples. But could you tell why Jesus chose fishermen amongst his disciples? What was Jesus thinking when He chose those ordinary fishermen as disciples?

I am offering some suggestions based on my five years experience in the fishing business. Many will be surprised about my fishing experience. Born and raised in Abuesi, a very popular coastal town in Western Region, Ghana, I couldn't have let that opportunity go by. I spent most of my Secondary School holidays learning the fishing trade. It was great joy and with some financial reward. 
From my experience I believe these are the reasons why Jesus chose the fishermen?

  1. It was His plan that many come to repentance, not just a few. No fisherman goes to fishing just to get few fish for dinner. So far as there is fish they will load as much as the canoe or the boat can take. That is the kind of thinking Jesus was excited about. In the same way we must do all we can to bring more people to come to know Christ. There are lots of “fish” out there.
  2. Jesus was not na├»ve to think that evangelism was going to be success at all times. There will be times when there will be no result which could be very frustrating. In Luke’s gospel, we learn of fishermen often getting frustrated when they worked for hours and don’t get any fish. Therefore, Jesus wanted people who can cope with lack of result.
  3. Evangelism is as difficult as fishing.  Jesus needed people who can handle a difficult job. We too must understand the difficulty with evangelism. But if we are determined we shall prevail.
  4. Jesus was looking for obedience. We read from Luke’s gospel that Peter obediently let down his net upon Jesus request and immediately had a huge catch so great that he had to call for help to bring all the fish in. There are times when we have to put aside our professional ability and listen to some other authority. Jesus knew the fishermen are professional but they will be willing to listen to Him.  We too must learn to listen to the voice of God in everything we do in the ministry.

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