Saturday, 21 August 2010

Why do People Love Laws so Much?

This week I have been asked to stand-in for a preacher who isn't able to fulfil his preaching appointment. When I checked the text for the day, (Sunday 22/08/2010), I realised it's about the exchanges between a Synagogue leader and Jesus Christ about healing on Sabath, Luke 13:10-17.

There are 5 episodes to the story;
1. The woman and her condition
2. The intervention of Jesus
3. The Synagogue leader's intervention
4. Jesus's second intervention
5. The reaction of the crowd

Of all the 5 episodes, the one thing I find fascinating is the Synagogue leader's intervention. He's found desperately defending the Law, thus reminding the congregation that there should be no activity on the Sabath.

The Synagogue leader is not desputing that Jesus has power of healing nor is he doubting that the woman has indeed been healed. So what is his concern, that the healing has happened on the Sabbath?

For the 18 years that the woman has been in this condition, it's obvious that she's been observing the Sabbath. Has the Sabbath healed her? Imagine if Jesus had told the woman, I am sorry I can't help you because it's Sabbath today. She would have gone home very disappointed and probably wouldn't turn up again.

Come on people! Whilst admitting that laws are important for humans, it's also worth noting that laws are made for the people, not people made for the Laws.

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