Thursday, 6 October 2011

Local Preachers' Meeting Agenda

In my few years as a local preacher I have attended about 98% of the Circuit Local Preachers’ Meeting. I have always resisted the temptation to allow the agenda for the day to influence my decision to go or not to go. Honestly, I regret attending about 60% of the meetings. When I once suggested that more items be added to the agenda to make the meeting more educative and informative I was told there was nothing wrong with the agenda as it always follows the Connexional guidelines.

 I’ve always felt that something is missing in the conduct of the local preachers’ meeting. I haven’t really benefited much from all those meetings I’ve attended, and recently I over heard another preacher agreeing with me when he said “that’s why I rarely come, it’s always the same”

Why must I spend a maximum of 2 hours in a meeting when the very thing we must focus on i.e. preaching very little is talked about? Of course it’s important to hear reports on preachers on note and on trial, but its unfortunate when the greater per cent of the time is spent on just that. After all a very small number of those present have made inputs or have observed the services conducted by those on trial and on-note. What am I supposed to say when I haven’t observed the service or haven’t received the reports in advance? In this case many of members present at the meeting become mere observers.

 There’s so much happening in the world today which we must discuss and see its implications for worship and preaching. Are there new ideas, initiatives, concerns, fears, anxieties in local churches, the circuit and the larger society which affects our work? Are there news articles in the local media outlets worth noting and may be responding to them? It’s very OK to hear reports and review those on note and on-trial but what about the continuing development of the accredited preachers? One study day in a year is simply not enough to nourish, equip and challenge us for the very important task we've taken.

 Continuing development activities must be encouraged and discussed at all meetings. One must come out of the local preachers’ meeting and feel learned, nourished, encouraged, motivated and challenged.

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