Monday, 31 October 2011

Africans also have human rights

  The British Prime Minister, David Cameron last weekend took his gay rights crusade to the Commonwealth Summit held in Perth, Australia, where according to him he lectured a number of African countries that Britain will block aid payments to countries which fail to over turn bans on homosexuality.I'll cut aid to countries that have ban on homosexuality He said Britain want to see countries that receive aid “adhering to proper human rights.” Is David Cameron really saying there are despicable human right abuses in Africa than in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia?

  So why has Africa become the target for David Cameron’s threat? Is it because African countries have weaker leadership? Is because African countries are so poor that they rely on donor aid to balance their budgets? People are quick to quote figures of how much Britain gives to African countries as aid, but no one cares to know how much Britain gain from Africa.

  If in the books of David Cameron legalising gay is “adhering to proper human rights” in Africa then the man has misplaced priority. I don’t know what kind of agreement he had signed with the gay right groups but he should be told that he will be wasting his time and energy with his gay right crusade in Africa. David Cameron should be told that Africans too have human right which includes the right to have cultural values, norms and belief systems. To say that countries should let go of their cultural values in exchange for some donor aid is an insult to the Africans. Britain caused a lot of damage to African cultural values and norms in the past under the colonial rule but that cannot be allowed any more. Africans have now woken up from their slumber.

  If David Cameron really cares about human right in African then these are some of the things he should be concerned about: child labour, malnutrition, environmental degradation, lack of access to education.

  I will end with some response from Ghana to Cameron’s threat. Christian leaders condemn UK gov't tying gay rights to aid

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