Friday, 4 November 2011

You can't gatecrash the Kingdom of God

As we approach Christmas I believe many have prepared for the festivities. Many have bought all their presents. Those who haven't bought anything yet might have decided where and when they'll get their stocks for the festivities. Many have budgeted for how much they would spend on presents, food and drinks, decoration etc..  It is called preparation. It is much easier to prepare for something when you know the day or the hour of the event. It's very difficult to prepare for anything when you don't know when that event will take place.

That is the situation we find ourselves when it comes to the second coming of Jesus Christ. The disciples had sought to know when that event will take place, but all they had were some clues. Signs of the End Time. Christ gave the disciples several hints to warn them of what to expect of His second coming. He specifically referred them to Matthew 24:36, 42, and verse 50. Christ assured the disciples that His second coming would be sudden and unexpected, and then concluded the discussion with The Parable of the Ten Virgins . The parable is to teach us the suddenness and the unexpectedness of the second coming of Christ and call upon us to prepare in order not to be caught in an unexpected moment. Christ was making sure that what happened at His first coming doesn't happen again so He gave ample warnings.

The key point in The Parable of the Ten Virgins is that Christ will come again at a time when no one expects; and He would come just once and that is it. Once the door is shut you can knock as much as you like and He will not give in. He would have no concern whatsoever for those who remain outside the door. You can't gatecrash the Kingdom.

Christians are like the 10 girls who profess to know the bridegroom and promised to wait as long as it takes for when the bridegroom finally comes they would join in the celebration. They know the prize of their waiting- celebration with the groom. They had prepared very well for this day. They had shown physical signs of commitment- well dressed and eager to wait. So are we the Christians. We like showing off to people about our level of intimate with Christ through outward appearance.

No wonder Christ said let both grow together until the harvest. The way all the 10 girls had dressed no one could have distinguished between the fools and the wise. Only the searcher of the heart knows. Outwardly they looked like they were all prepared- they all had the wedding garments on, they all had their lamps, and they were all ready to wait as long as it takes. Outward appearance can be deceptive. Many of us just want to show that we're religious. It wasn't their beauty or ugliness that distinguished them. It wasn't their upper or lower class that distinguished them. It wasn't their excellent speech that distinguished them. It was their level of preparedness that separated the fools from the wise.

The 50/50 number is staggering. Imagine if only 50% of your congregation could only make it to the Kingdom. That would be a shame isn't it? You would want more of your family members, colleagues and some facebook friends as well as those you follow or follows you on twitter.

Give us some of your oil. No way! Go and get yours. This is not about being selfish. The point is that salvation is not transferable. Each and every one of us will continue to work out your salvation. The fact that you go to a mega bible believing church doesn't mean that you will enter the Kingdom en bloc. It's an individual affair.

Once the Master shut the door no amount of knock can persuade Him to open again. No matter the persuasion and explanation, the answer will still be I know you not. Don't be caught unaware. Get prepared.

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