Sunday, 3 February 2013

I missed church but not God

For the first time in years I found myself sitting on a bus on Sunday morning not going to church but work. I've tried everything I could possible do to avoid working on Sunday and have succeeded in the past but not any more. The economy has been so "stupid" and one has to do with what you get. If I don't want it some one will take it and the consequences would be felt when I pick my pay cheque at the end of the month. Indeed its been hitting my pocket so hard and so this first Sunday in February I took up the chalenge to go to work.

I've been grumbling about it all week and friends have urged me to cheer up since its not every Sunday I have to work. Indeed its not every Sunday; only once or at most twice in a month. I've been thinking about my role, the worship and the friendship that I would miss.

As I stepped out about an hour before my starting time, I was thinking about what I could read or listen to draw me closer to God. Thanks toTuneIn Radio I managed to listened to Faith radio on my phone. Today is the first time I've listened to that radio. The music was so good and soon found myself shaking my heard and tapping my feet as I travelled on the bus. I was amazed the number of people on the bus all going to work. What can we do "anoma enntua ogyina ho" unless a bird flies it has no food.

With 10 minutes to spare I got to work full in "spirit". I've enjoyed the music on faith radio so much that I wanted more. Thank God I could listen to radio while at work. With the computer on I removed the ear piece from my phone and listened to faith radio on the computer. I joined in the singing as I work. In a big building with many stairs prayer was much easier. Each level of stairs had its own prayer topic.

I had planned to go to the shop to get some breakfast. That was skipped as I enjoyed what I was listening and doing and didn't want any distraction. It soon dawned on me what Christ said that we would worhip Him in truth and in spirit. Worship doesn't only have to take place at a church premise. In fact we can worhip any where, any time.

On reflection, although I wouldn't like to make Sunday work a habit I must say I've enjoyed today. In fact my role at church sometimes make me not able to enjoy worship the way I would want. Perhaps once in a while I'll need this break from church where I could worship the way I or God would want it to be.

So what did I miss this Sunday? I can think of 5 Methodist hymns and friends chat, but did I miss God? Absolutely not.

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