Monday, 25 February 2013

How would Christ want His Church?

How do you want your tea? The first time I was asked this question my mind went blank. I had no idea how I should respond. After waiting without any answer coming from me, the person doing the tea went you want your tea with/without sugar, with/without milk? All I knew then was add hot water, sugar and milk and there you're with your tea. I now know that while some people want the tea bag in the mug others don't. Also, you need to ask how many spoons of sugar they want in their tea. One mug of tea doesn't fit all.

My son loves his sandwich, but not any sandwich. He's particularly interested in what goes in his sandwich. Currently, his favourite filling is chicken slice on butter or cheese. Knowing he likes butter and cheese doesn't mean I can just go ahead and do any of them. Any time he asks for sandwich I've to ask him how he wants it. I've tried him my best fillings like tomatoes, cucumber and sardine but he always says no.  He insists on getting what he wants and that's what he gets.

Imagine we run the church that way when we have to go to the founder, Jesus Christ, and ask how he wants His church to be run. Many would argue we do that any way but do we really? We might have asked Him few questions in the early stages but how often do we ask His views about how we should run His church?

Church is pretty much run like a government department. When there's an issue we sit down, brainstorm for a while and a few minutes later a decision is made. Christ has been relegated to the role of a chairman. The real show is run by the CEO's- the Pastors, Revds and the church leaders. It's only when things get really bad before we call in the chairman. It's only then that the word prayer is highly recommended.

Democracy is much cherished in church than prayer. So far as people voted at a meeting the decision is carried regardless of whether that's what Christ would want or not. We just make the tea for Him according to our taste. The founder doesn't get a say in how His business is run. Is that fair?  Many think they have the knowledge and power to deal with anything and don't need the help of the founder. How many of us really pray before we take part in very important decisions in church? We were only supposed to act as caretakers but have assumed full responsibility. We don't want to seek the face of the owner any more. No wonder the church is in such a state.

We have tried all we want and don't seem to be working. A time will come when the owner will take his keys from us for not running the business the way He wanted. It's not too late to admit to the owner that we have run out of ideas and seek His wisdom and guidance. It is His church and only He knows how He wants it.

If we're so much concerned about getting a mug of tea right as possible, how much more church decisions. It's about time we found out how He wants His church.

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