Monday, 4 March 2013

Catholic Church Again?

Following the resignation and confession by Cardinal Keith O'Brien that his "sexual conduct" had fallen below the standard expected as a priest, I can't help it but join the clarion call that the Catholic Church needs reform. After a week of denial that he had had sexual advances to four men- three priest and one former priest, the former Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh who is also the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland has admitted the offence and asked for forgiveness.

I've since been asking myself whether there's any organisation religious or otherwise which could call the Catholic Church to order. The World Council of Churches came to mind. Could such a body intervene to put some sanity in the Catholic Church? My checks indicated that the Catholic Church isn't a member of the World Council of Churches. I wonder why?

I am very much aware of Christ statement; he who has no sin should cast the first stone. I know there's no individual or a religious denomination which hasn't sinned. However, if there's any denomination which has damaged the Christendom then it's the Catholic Church. The blow that the latest scandal has caused transcends the Catholic Church. The whole Christendom suffers from the Catholic Church's scandal. No one knows what more is yet to come. The solutions of the scandals aren't far-fetched.

                                         Why Celibacy?
What is it about sharing the gospel of Christ that one can't do while married and enjoying sex, and raising children? Many others in similar vocation are married and can in some cases do the work much better than the so called celibates. Isn't marriage a creation of God, and which church promotes marriage than the Catholic Church? So why speak well of something and abstain from it? And I am curious as to why when they want to enjoy sex they tend to the males. Are those people gay and only entered the priesthood to cover up?

                                       Why Rome or Vatican?
The Catholic Church is one of few churches I know which has worldwide headquarters. Many other have gained independence from the founding base. The Methodist Church Ghana attained full independence from Britain in July 1961. Why can't the Catholic Church allow individual nations to have their freedom to do what they wish? What are they afraid of? How can a Church with such bureaucratic office ensure effective leadership?

I pray that the new Pope would realised the huge damaged the Catholic Church has caused not only to itself but the Christendom. He should have the spiritual courage to call for wide range of reforms in the Catholic, and I hope abolishing the celibacy rule would be high on his mind. It's been proved over and over again that the soul and the body aren't on the same level. The soul might be willing but the body might not.

Reform and save the Catholic Church and the Christendom from the continuous shame. 

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