Sunday, 2 June 2013

If My Church was a Retail Store

If my church was a retail store, it would have the following characteristics
  1. It would have been established in the 18th century after it branched out from another establishment.
  2. John Wesley was credited the founder
  3. The "store" was first established in England and spread across the world
  4. It would be classed as the Protestant Christianity "business"
  5. It's slogan would be "helping the poor and average person"
  6. Common "product" in all our "stores" is music in the form of hymns. The founder and his younger brother, Charles contributed a lot to this "product" and would wish we keep that tradition.
  7. Our "brand" had major impact in Britain in early decades
  8. These days the "brand" name isn't as popular as in the past 
  9. In England most "customers" are mainly older generation
  10. Profit margin is generally good
  11. Some of our "stores" are used by other "retailers in the same business". This contribute lots of income in most of our "stores"
  12. Most of our "check-out and line staff" are of older generation
  13. We rarely do any "advertisement"
  14. Our circuit reps meet quarterly but very little time is spent talking about our "customers". Most time is spent talking about maintaining our "stores" and "managers homes"
  15. Our District reps also meet at least twice a year but is mainly debating on policies and procedures which has little impact on our "customers"
  16. Our "managers" spend more time in their offices than on the "shopping floors"
  17. Most of our "stores" are open for business for a maximum of two hours on a typical shopping day. Actual "selling" last for about an hour.
  18. Most of our "products" are the same all year round
  19. The "modes of selling" in most "stores" are the same as in the 70's
  20. In England some of our "stores" are closed down or merged. Some of the "stores" closed down are rebranded as pubs under new management
  21. In some "stores", "customers" will come ckeck the "product", read the labels and would not return
  22. It is encouraging to note that most of our "stores" in other countries are doing very well.
  23. Our "brand" has about 70 million "customers" worldwide
I am particularly concerned about the state of our "store" in England.
1. What can we do to attract "youthful customers" into our "stores"?
2. What product can we add to our "lines" to attract more "customers" into our "stores?"

Any ideas?


  1. Add a prayer line and I believe it would help

    1. Good point. We should invest more in prayer