Friday, 16 August 2013

You and God- It's got to be more than Sunday worship

A year ago I saw a Starbucks advert- "You and Starbucks-It's got to be more than coffee". I concluded that what they mean is yes Starbucks is noted for coffee but we actually could do more.

With that advert in mind, I suggested to my local Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship anniversary committee that we should have the theme- "You and God- It's got to be more than Sunday worship" for our 10th anniversary in September . The committee members were intrigued and asked for my thinking behind the theme. I share with you my thinking behind the theme.

Christians are very much noted for their gatherings on Sundays to worship, though some gather on different days. What we do outside the church halls by way of Christian virtue is a private matter. There appears to be greater attention on what we do by way of worship than anything else.

What could Christians do other than worshipping God? Quite a lot. And how are we doing?
For some Christians the best they could do to help someone in need is to find them contact numbers of a charity or a government department. They're somehow passive in meeting that need personally. The vast number of charities and NGO's across the world tells me that Christianity has failed. We appear to have surrendered our Christian acts to the charity organisations. There are charities specialising from A-Z.

Some will say many of the charities are set up by Christians or Christian groups and are sponsored by many Christians. That's all well and good. How many percentages of Christians have set up charities or have financed them anyway? The point is if we have been good practising Christians and neighbours, many of these charities wouldn't have been around. We would be at the point of need straight away to be actively involved in its solution. We would be all over in our blocks, estates and neighbourhoods.

Jesus said "I was hungry but you would not feed me, thirsty but you would not give me a drink; I was a stranger but you would not welcome me in your homes, naked but you would not clothe me; I was sick and in prison but you would not take care of me." Matthew 25:42-43.

Many Christians see what Christ talked about in their daily lives but do nothing about it. Christianity has been reduced to Sunday worship. All other things that happen around us are not our business. We have lost all the practical things that make us Christians.

There are many Christians who make financial or time contributions to charities but when come face to face with the very same thing they give money to, they wouldn't bother about it. Shouldn't charity begin at home?

I am very much sure the discourse in the text didn't end as presented by Matthew. I bet Christ challenged the people to tell him why they didn't do anything about the situations described. And I bet some of the answers would include the following;
  • But I gave them some charity contact
  • I thought that was the responsibility of the state
  • I thought the church would help
  • I thought they were lazy and don't want to work
  • I thought they brought it upon themselves
Some of the above reasons might be right but still the question is can you help?

Let's do more than Sunday worship or charity giving.  Yes we can!

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